Parent Handbook 

A guide to the school's routines and organization 


In an effort to ensure the safety of our students in the school environment, we insist that all parents/visitors to our school register at the school office on arrival. This includes situations such as:

a) bringing children to school

b) delivering lunches, materials or messages to staff or students

Unless prior arrangements have been arranged with a teacher, parents and visitors must not enter the school beyond the office area, including entry and dismissal time. After checking in at the office, anyone volunteering or visiting for any period of time during school hours will be required to wear a ‘visitor’s or volunteer badge” which will signal to the children that this person belongs at our school. Parents must prearrange times to ‘drop by’ your child’s class by calling the teacher and setting up a suitable time to visit so that instructional time is not disrupted. 

Signing A Student In And Out

All students leaving or returning during the school day must be signed in and out at the office by an adult.

Absences & Lates

Punctual and regular attendance is essential to learning and maintaining effective progress at school.  Students master new skills and acquire knowledge through regular participation in the classroom instruction and discussion of concepts.  When absences or lates from school are above the school norm, a letter will be sent home to parents for information purposes.  Please always feel welcome to discuss any attendance or late concerns with the Principal. 

Illness sometimes makes absence necessary. When a student is absent or late for any reason, parents should contact the absence check line. 

An attendance check system operates at Maplehurst  School  to  help  monitor attendance. If  your  son/daughter  is  going to be absent or late for school, please contact the school before 9 a.m. to enable this  program to work effectively. If a student is absent and no call is recorded, the automated attendance system will contact your home. Please help us to operate this system effectively by keeping the school informed of any changes to telephone numbers both at home and at work.

A student who arrives after 9:15 a.m. is recorded as late. Students arriving after the entry bell, but before 9:30 a.m., are to go directly to class. Students arriving after 9:30 a.m. must must be signed-in at the office. 

Nutrition Breaks

The Balanced Day timetable provides three 100 minute periods of instructional time, divided by two 40 minute Nutritional Breaks.  Nutrition breaks allow time for  eating and activity. Extra-curricular activities will take place during this time.


If you are interested please contact Mrs. Jasiewicz, Mrs. Carmichael or Mr. Breckels in the office. There are many opportunities with flexible schedules for which volunteering is available.

Field Trips

Parent involvement in field trips is another effective way of participating in your child’s learning.  Visiting sites outside the school can provide support to classroom program and extend student understanding and interest.   Details about each trip are sent to the parents of the students involved prior to the event.  Written parent permission is needed before a student can participate to ensure that you are aware of the timing and purpose. Verbal permission will not be accepted.  

Student Dress Code

Dress codes must be presented in a manner that does not reinforce stereotypes. The Board believes students have a right to learn in a safe and caring space that is free of bias and discrimination, and that students have a right to respectfully express their individuality. To ensure learning environments are safe and respectful spaces, the Board has adopted a shared set of standards for student dress.

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Accidents & Illness

Parents are to keep the school updated with their contact information (i.e. work phone numbers and cell numbers) and are to provide the names and phone numbers of two persons to call in case of an emergency when a parent cannot be reached.  Please make your son/daughter is aware of this information.  If the emergency contact person should change, please inform the school immediately.   

Although we try to maintain safety on school property, accidents can happen. Most injuries are minor and can be attended to at school.  However, if an accident should occur that requires medical attention,  a parent or emergency contact person will be notified. If a student becomes ill during school hours and contact cannot be made with a parent or the emergency number, the student will be made as comfortable as possible in the school until a parent can be reached. If your child feels unwell before coming to school, staying at home for the day can speed recovery and maintain the health of others.  

Student Health Needs

If your child requires medication at school (either on a regular basis or in case of an emergency) or if your child has a serious condition such as asthma or a life threatening allergy (peanut, bee sting, etc.), please contact the office. There are specific forms to be completed prior to the administration of medications. Please be aware that we have a number of students at Maplehurst who have a life threatening food allergies. We are requesting that our families refrain from sending any food with any nut products to school.  In addition, students are not to share food items with others in the school. 


Supervising teachers are on duty 15 minutes before entry time (9:00-9:15) and after the dismissal bell (3:35-3:50). The  playground is also supervised by staff during each of the nutrition breaks. Children should not be left unattended on school property before teacher supervision starts or after it ends.

Parking Lot

If you are dropping off or picking up your child, please do not enter the parking lot between 9:00 and 9:15. This is when buses need access to the turnaround. Staff are on duty to welcome students and supervise along the sidewalk. Family members are welcome to park in the neighbourhood and walk their student(s) to the back of the school along the sidewalk. 

School Council

The Maplehurst School Council, as defined by the Ministry of Education, is an advisory group of elected parents, educators and appointed community members whose role is to provide ideas and opinions to assist the Principal, and where appropriate, school board trustees in their decision making on educational issues. Maplehurst school council meetings are held on the first Monday of  the month and all parents are welcome to attend. Elections for voting member positions are held in September.  

Report Cards

We share with you the responsibility for helping your child grow academically, socially and emotionally.  Parents and teachers need to maintain regular communication about each student’s development. School learning activities are based on each student’s individual abilities,  interests and stage of development, within the framework of the curriculum defined by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Halton District Board. All Grade 1-8 students in Ontario will be bringing home an Elementary Progress Report Card in November and an Elementary Provincial Report Card in February and June. The first Elementary Progress Report Card you receive in November does not contain grades or numerical marks. The focus of this progress report is on six Learning Skills. These learning skills create the foundation for success and are essential in the preparation for post–secondary education and the world of work. The focus of subject reporting will be on describing a student’s general progress in working toward the achievement of the curriculum expectations. These will be communicated and organized as strengths and next steps. This Elementary Progress Report Card will be followed by a parent/guardian, student (as appropriate) and teacher conference after the report is sent home. An Elementary Provincial Report Card is sent home in February and June, containing letter grades along with descriptive comments. The Elementary Provincial Report Card also contains the same six learning skills as found on the Progress Report. For more information visit: