Fundraising is just one way that parents and communities may choose to support their schools. Money raised is used during that school year so the people helping raise the money can see the benefits.
In 2022-2023 our focus for fundraising is to improve technology.

There has been a gap in fundraising between 2018-2022 due to Covid-19 protocols.
For the 2018-19 school year, money raised by the school council was put toward the following:

Activities that help raise funds at Maplehurst


On school cashless you can click the 'Donate Now' button and funds go directly to Mapleurst.

Coffee on Parade Day and Pumpkin Walk by our School Council
Thank you for your support on these events: $390 and $330 respectively

Pizza Day

Pizza Day is a fundraiser organized by school council and several parent volunteers, it is intended to provide interested families with high quality pizza that exceeds the nutritional guidelines provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education. 

Special Lunch & Snack Days

Three or four times per school year, school council organizes special lunch days to give interested families a break from making lunches and a treat for their kids. The cost for the lunches vary. Information about each lunch will be sent home with your child. 


This is a fundraiser the kids go wild for in March. Recently the school council has brought in Professor Jamz for the event. His light show and cosmic store keep the kids moving during the dance-a-thon.