Staff List

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Mr. Phillips - Principal

Mrs. Williamson - Head Secretary

Ms. Dehal - Secretary

Mrs. Folkerts - Secretary

Mrs. Longo - FDK1

Ms. Russ (DECE) - FDK1

Mrs. Sabourin - FDK 2

Mrs. Hunter (DECE) - FDK 2

Mrs. Otter - FDK3

Mrs. DeWys - Grade 1-1

Mrs. Donaldson - Grade 12-1

Mrs. Thomson - Grade 3

Mr. Walsh - Grade 4-1

Mr. Nelson - Grade 6-1

Mme. Willemse - Grade 2-1FI

Mme. Phillips - Grade 3-1FI

Mme. LeBlanc - Grade 34-1FI

Mrs. Pascoe - Grade 34-1FI

Mme. Whittle- Grade 45-1FI (French)

Mrs. Corcoran - Grade 45-1FI (English)

Mr. Trott - Grade 56-1FI and 6-1FI (French)

Mrs. Tosello - Grade 6-1FI and 56-1FI (English)

Mr. Goulet - SCLD

Ms. Morgan - ELPHA

Mrs. Beel - Special Education Resource Teacher

Mrs. Pascoe - Special Education Resource Teacher

Mme. Rajacic - Core French

Mr. Elmer - Music Teacher

Mrs. Crump - English as a Second Language

Mr. Van Ravenstein - Library-Technician

Mrs. Robataille - Child and Youth Councilor

Mrs. Harris - Educational Assistant

Ms. Magee - Educational Assistant

Mr. Martini - Educational Assistant

Ms. Addo - Educational Assistant

Mr. Newell - Custodian

Mr. Cunningham - Custodian