Maplehurst School Council Minutes - January 22nd, 2018

Attending members: Guest: Leah Reynolds (School trustee) Brent Phillips, Aatika Abbasi, Marnie
Folsetter, Gary Dawson, Wendy Houtmeyers, Stephanie Callaghan, Aubrey-Ann Watkins, Tracey Ohata,
Sarah Ward, Dayna Folkerts, Lance Hill, Allison Cannon, Adrian Vogt, Kerry Roberts, Sujata Sharan
Absences: Paul Lagerwerf, Jessica Dawson, Janet Paul, Julia Brdarevic, Lorri Peever

Welcome and call to order:
● 7:00 pm

Approval of minutes from last meeting:
● Approved

Additions and Approval of the Agenda:
● Tracy - talk with Mary Tabak is this week. You have to register online
● Snack club update

Principal’s Report
● The primary concert was great.
● Mr. Elmer did a great job.
● Kindergarten registration has begun.
● Kindergarten information night will be in June
● January 31st is the final date for grade two French Immersion forms.
● Paul Davis is booked for next November for speakers club
● Movie night will be on February 15th, 2018.
● Mr. Philips attending the company that will be conducting the landscape work and was given some
ideas on what is available.
● School will be able to get pieces of the Maple tree that was cut down to be used at the school for
● The company who cut down the tree is going to be adopting the remaining Maple tree to extend its life.
● Construction update: March break is the targeted completion date. The dry wall and the wiring is
getting done and the duct work is beginning.

Staff Report
● Board game club is going on for grade 3’s on Monday.
● Volleyball still going on for a couple more weeks
● The recorder club is coming on well.
● Jump rope club has a show on May 1st as a demonstration team to another school.
● Art club is starting up soon for the Jr. kids.
● Ms. Beel is running a doodle club
● Jr. art crawl is March 8th.
● Grade 3’s and 4’s are going skating February 7th, 14th and 21st. Three consecutive Wednesdays.
● Grade 5’s will be going skiing at Glen Eden.
● Snack program feedback: Teachers are figuring out which classes use more of the snack food
● Some kids are asking for a little more variety.
● Doesn’t seem to be as much fruit left over.
● Kindergarten students are enjoying preparing the snack baskets.

Treasurer’s Report
● School has spent approx. $10 000 and are right where we should be.

Leah Reynolds:
● Looking for Aldershot high school to attract more students possible through a language program or
other theme.
● Working committee has reached out to University and other professionals for ideas.
● The new programming would start in approx. 18 months and begin with the grade 9’s.
● There were many differences in the various high schools within Halton. Students will have a choice to
participate in the new stream or continue with the regular program.

Board Liaison Meeting
Lance: There is a Google Group assigned to each parent council that can be accessed by the Chair of the
student council. Documents can be uploaded to the group.

Fundraising Report
● Pizza and milk forms are going out at the end of the month.
● The last pizza day for this term is February 15th,
● Pancake day is February 13th
● Pita day form is coming out soon
● Dance-a-thon is booked for March 1st, and Professor Jams will be coming. The pep rally is on February
● It is now being called a fundraiser and no longer a “Dance-a-thon”
● Money is being raised to support the purchase of technology for the school.
● Maplehurst chosen to get new playground equipment from the “Love my playground” program. There
is a survey and section for comments.
● Drumfit has been booked for June 15th, 2018. Drumfit now has a program where you can rent the
equipment for the year. $2000 plus shipping for the year. Potentially a free two week Drumfit equipment
opportunity to look into to.
● Outdoor enhancement is underway and Brandon Fisher and Rin McCaulay will be on the committee.
New Business
● February 9th, is the winter play day and it is not on the calendar.
● Council voted for and passed up to $100 dollars for beverages for Winter play date.
● Spring play day is June 22nd, last year council bought bananas and watermelon that the kids loved.
Council approved $400 for this year.
● Motion forward for $300 for snacks for the grade 3 and 6 students after EQAO tests. ***not voted on.
● Motion forward by Lance to proceed with Jungle Sports for next October and approved.
Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.