Maplehurst School Council Minutes - December 4th, 2017


Attending Members: Brent Phillips, Marnie Folsetter, Gary Dawson, Janet Paul, Paul Lagerwerf, Lance Hill, Sarah Ward, Adrian Vogt, Kerry Roberts, Allison Cannon, Wendy Houtmeyers, Julia Brdarevic


Absences: Dayna Folkers, Tracey Ohata, Jessica Dawson, Lorri Peever, Aatika Sikander, Sujata Sharan


1.  Welcome and call to order:

     7:04 meeting called to order


2.  Approval of minutes from last meeting:



3.  Additions and Approval of the Agenda



4.  Principal’s Report:

     Everyone is disappointed that the tree has been cut down and Mr. Phillips is going to try to get answers from facilities.

     Trees are multigenerational and very important to the school

     The assumption is that it was deemed unsafe but Mr. Phillips would like answers as far as timing and that there were plans to do something with the pieces of the tree.

     The tree company does have access and Mr. Phillips has requested three circular pieces of the trunk.

     Good feedback on the student/teacher conferences.

     Kindergarten registration starting soon for 2018.

     ***Mary Tabak from Our Kids Network is going to be speaking on family assets for Aldershot cluster.

     *** Paul Davis speaking in November 2018

     Movie night is Thursday February 15th, 2018,  day before the P.A. day.

     Construction is resuming over the Christmas break.

     Suggestions were provided to the Environmental Development committee regarding the outdoor classroom space.

     Renovation of the soccer field

     Baseball backstop to be removed.


Staff Report:

     Junior students went to see the movie “Wonder” which everyone enjoyed and there will be follow up activities planned.

     Volleyball skills are being taught for upcoming Volleyball team.

     Intramural soccer is underway

     Primary Christmas concert being prepared for, there will be morning and evening show.


Treasurer’s Report:

     Current balance is $27 500

     Merry market is going to be around $6500

     Another $1000 dollars coming for the Pro grant

     Outdoor equipment is coming in and being prepared and some is in the classrooms already.

Board Liaison Report:

     “PIC” meeting in Milton

     Very big on Google Groups and there is a Google Group for Parent Council

     Chair has access to it who can then grant access to the rest of the council.

     Would be a way of communicating with each other.

     Talk about Pro Grant, one suggestion was coffee and hot chocolate for parents on the first day of school.

     Yearly PIC meeting is in October and presentations are worthwhile.


Fundraising Report:

     Two people running the movie night.

     Merry Market was a great day and everyone enjoyed it.

     Lots of parent and student volunteers

     $1300 in sponsorship came in

     Thanks to Adrian for running the cafe and donating the food.

     34 bins of food was brought in for the food bank.

     Mrs. Pascoe’s class was the winner of the food donations challenge.

     Suggestion to move the pastries and coffee into the foyer for next year.


New Business:

     Teachers would like some money allocated for extra resources in the classrooms such as art supplies and new books.  ($100 per classroom passed)

     Last year there was $2500 allocated to new books.

     School will be doing drum fit again in June.

     Is there a need for childcare and dinner for the speaker series on February 1st, 2018?

     Dinner was well received last year.

     Healthy Kids Community Challenge at Tansley Woods at 5:45 pm Thursday December 7th, 2018.  Theme is Healthy Holiday Eating.

     Potential dates for next meeting is January 22nd, 2018,  February 26th, 2018 and April 9th, 2018, May 7th, 2018.

     Sarah went to the Ward 2 meeting to discuss how to use program money.

     One school does the “Active Chef”.

     Possible super council meeting in February.





     Potential date of Thursday March 1st, 2018.

     Professor Jamz for this year and then reconsider for next year including a possible survey for the parents on whether they support the Dance-a-Thon.



Meeting Adjourned at 8:36pm.