Maplehurst Message for June 22, 2018


I-STEM @ Aldershot School

Update #5 is now posted at

Included in this communication is an update regarding the Aldershot I-STEM program, which will be starting in September 2019. A grade 8 information session regarding the I-STEM program will be held for ALL HDSB students and families in the early fall. Details will be shared in September 2018. Staff are in the process of developing a 4-year program overview, which will also be shared with you in the fall.


This update highlights the work happening at our Burlington high schools to support the approved recommendations coming out of the Burlington Program and Accommodation Review. Sincere thanks to the administrative teams for their respective leadership roles in supporting their school communities.


Next Week

Students will be cleaning out their lockers next week. Please check the lost and found for any items that may be yours before we donate to charity next Friday. Don’t forget that Friday is early dismissal and students end their year at 2:10pm on that day.

Tree Information

Sadly, we will need to take down the tree at the front entrance of the school sometime this summer. The tree was inspected and is already showing significant decay. As well, the new construction slated for that area outside (the elevator that will be installed next school year) will further impact the root structure. We are looking at leaving the large bottom trunk portion intact and turning it into a significant wood carving.

Medication at School

Parents who provide medication to the school and are requesting that staff administer a prescribed oral medication regularly, or in an emergency administer medication either orally, by injection, by inhalation or by suppository must provide a completed Form 1 “Request for School Personnel to Administer Prescribed Medication” before the school can keep prescribed medication in the office for student use.

If you require your child to bring prescribed medication to school that they can administer themselves, please complete Form 2 “Authorization for Self-Administration by Student”.

Please note that these forms require a physician’s signature and are required for students who have epi-pens, inhalers, or other prescribed medication (e.g. antibiotics) at school.

I recommend that you take these two forms with you whenever you take your child to visit a doctor in the event that medication is prescribed that you will need us to administer at a school.

Please note that parents are always welcome to come to the school during the school day to administer medication to their child themselves.  These forms are only required if prescribed medication is to be administered by either school staff or the student his/herself.

Milk and Pizza

The last day for milk and pizza is Thursday, June 28.

Upcoming Notable Dates:

June 27 - Report Cards Handed Out

June 27 - SK Celebration (9:30am)

June 28 - Grade 6 Celebration (9:30am)

June 29 - Last Day of School: Early Dismissal at 2:10pm.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Brent Phillips

Principal, Maplehurst PS